The applications described here were developed by the Data Visualization Center (DVC) portion of the KPMP project. We have developed a wide array of applications in order to support the gathering, dissemination and display of the data generated through this project. These pages will contain information about each of the projects as well as documentation for any developers who wish to make use of our works.

External Applications:

Application Description
Participant Portal Web portal for KPMP participants to view their biopsy results as whole slide images.
Atlas Repository Allows researchers to download raw gene data generated from KPMP participant biopsies and reference tissue samples.
Atlas Explorer Allows researchers to search for markers or cell types of interest and view summary data visualizations across the various KPMP 'omics' technologies.
Atlas Spatial Viewer Allows researchers to view spatial data visualizations via the Vitessce spatial viewer.

Internal Applications:

Application Description
Data Lake Uploader Used by the entire consortium to store and share all of the raw and processed data that is being generated.
Digital Pathology Repository (DPR) Web portal for browsing KPMP biopsy whole slide images, organized by case and slide properties.
Data Manager Dashboard Application for KPMP Data Managers to review and curate data between the Data Lake and Knowledge Environment.

KPMP Publications

Name Description
Cell-State-Atlas-2022 Code for a multimodal atlas of healthy and injured cell states and niches in the human kidney
Reference Tissue Cell Atlas Manuscript 2022 Code and data for the manuscript entitled "A reference tissue atlas for the human kidney"